Rattan Cube Set

Rattan Cube FurnitureRattan Cube Furniture

Rattan Cube Dining Set


There are very few outdoor garden furniture sets that have the same ‘wow factor’ as a quality rattan cube set. Rattan cube furniture is one of the most popular and stylish option when it comes to furnishing your conservatory, sunroom or outdoor area. If you are searching for great rattan furniture for your garden, decked area, patio or courtyard then you need to decide on a material and a style.

Rattan is a great choice (or as we see it, the only sensible choice!) for outdoor and garden furniture. From dining sets to sofas, loungers and accessories like storage boxes, rattan gives you so many benefits. Firstly, we should point out that there are two types of rattan, the natural rattan from the rattan plant, and the synthetic version which has all the beauty and benefits of the natural material with added benefits. Synthetic rattan gives you great weather resistance – it can stay out in the rain without warping, splitting or fading.

It can withstand the coldest weather, ice and snow as well as hotter temperatures and direct sunlight. These extremes of conditions would severely damage other types of furniture – wood splits, dries and flakes in strong conditions and metal furniture is prone to rust (and when rust starts it can be a constant battle to stop it from doing more and more damage). Cleaning rattan is another reason that people love their rattan sets; no scrubbing, no strong cleaning solutions, no stress and hassle. A damp cloth or a quick rub with a soft brush or vacuum is all it takes to keep your rattan looking great.