Weekend Roadshows

We know it isn't easy to buy furniture online and so since 2015 we've been travelling around the country, bringing our great quality, great value, rattan garden furniture to you! 

This gives you the option to try before you buy and the ability to see the different rattan ranges up close! Although our sets are all made from the same materials and are therefore of the same quality and comfort, the different ranges have different rattan weaves; the look and touch vary depending on the colour.

We visit showgrounds, racecourses and hotels each weekend throughout summer (and occasionally in the winter too) to ensure that no-one misses out on the opportunity to come and have a look for yourself. 

Although we showcase a large amount of our sets on a event post on Facebook, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that a particular set will be at an event as we work to what we have available at the time and how many sets will fit in the venue.

What happens at a weekend event?

It's completely free to attend one of our weekend events and you don't have to register beforehand - just simply show up on the day!  

We bring approximately 15-25 sets with us, depending on the size of the room. You will have the opportunity to either buy one of these display sets (which are usually unboxed on the Friday afternoon/evening) or order a boxed set for delivery from our warehouse.

We usually open at 9am on Saturday morning (keep an eye on our Facebook page - Alfresco Rattan - for specific information about venues and opening times) so it's best to get down there early to ensure you have the best choice of sets to buy. Once a display set has been sold, you can order a boxed set for delivery from our warehouse but these will be slightly more expensive and they won't be delivered as quickly. 

Display sets

These will have mostly been unboxed on Friday afternoon/Saturday morning before the event for you to view - therefore, there should be no/minimal damage to these sets. However, you do have to attend the event to purchase one of these as you will be buying the demonstration model on the shop floor. This is the cheapest way to buy one of our sets. 

Display sets can be delivered up to a maximum of 20 miles from our venue for £50 (within 15 miles, delivery would be £40). 

Delivery would take place on Sunday afternoon/evening - usually between 2pm and 10pm although this can vary depending on how busy an event has been. 

Boxed sets

These are slightly more expensive than a display set (although if you purchase at one of our events you will save £100 on the online price currently). 

We can deliver a boxed set anywhere on mainland UK for £60 (although Scotland would incur a surcharge). 

Delivery timescale would depend on the individual set, as well as the area of the country you live in as we complete our own deliveries using our own local van drivers. Our sales team at any of the venues as well as our customer service team would be able to give you an estimated delivery time based on a specific set.

Download our 'What happens at a weekend event' fact sheet.